Life Sciences, with a strong focus on biotechnology, aligns with Owen County’s medical implement firms as well as health, agriscience,  and biomedical businesses in south central Indiana.  This academy combines OVHS’s former Health Services and Agri-Science academies.  While building their knowledge, skills, and real-life experiences in biology, physics, technology, and mathematics, students “see” the relationship of their academic studies to the academy’s career strands:  Health Sciences and Natural Sciences. 


Prior to entering college or the workplace, OVHS Life Sciences students have the advantage of building proficiency in using cutting-edge technology such as a D.N.A. replicator (PCR), heart-rate monitors, and software for Project Lead the Way’s Bioengineering class.  The PCR adds reality to plant, animal, and forensics projects.  In an integrated unit, heart monitors link concepts from biology to physical education.  Lessons in bioengineering class engage students in design problems related to biomechanics, cardiovascular engineering, genetic engineering, agricultural biotechnology, and bioethics.  Additionally, to better prepare students for life sciences study in college, academy teachers are becoming adept at developing contextual, scientific inquiry units. 


High-tech advantages are made possible by support from Life Sciences consortium members:  Boston Scientific, Cook Group, and the biotechnology departments of Indiana University and Ivy Tech Community College. 

Developed to reinforce the written, oral, problem-solving and public-speaking skills students need soon after graduation, the Patriot Expo provides an opportunity for community members’ involvement as mentors or judges of the exit presentation.


The 1500-word, 7+-source research paper challenges students to relate their topic to their career academy.  The product, which may also be an experience related to the topic, requires at least 30 hours of outside work under the direction of a mentor.  The portfolio, compiled during a nine-week Senior Seminar course, requires multimedia documentation of the process. The culminating activity is an 8-14 minute presentation before a panel of evaluators who judge the students’ delivery, language correctness, visual effectiveness, and correlation between all components. 


Coordinator of Patriot Expo is Mrs. Renny Mauder who is assisted by two representatives from each career academy.