Project Ignition

Owen Valley High School is located in the small town of Spencer, Indiana. There have been teen deaths in our community due to car accidents. In 2003, two teens were fatally injured, a recent graduate and a junior. In the spring of 2004, a freshman was killed riding to school with a friend. The community and students were heavily impacted by their deaths. Project Ignition gave us the opportunity to inform people, especially teens, about the risks of unsafe driving.

We got started with Project Ignition when a youth board member came back from the 2007 National Youth Leadership Conference (NYLC) with the idea of initiation Project Ignition in our school. We Became knowledgeable about what other schools were doing and how it could be applied to our school. We applied for the Project Ignition State farm grant and started having summer meetings to plan what we would be conducting throughout the course of our campaign. For us, it was effective to create several teams to accomplish our projects.

For the past three years, State Farm has awarded us with two thousand dollars, being one of the twenty-five schools across the country to receive the grant. At the end of our last two campaigns, we were chosen as a Top Ten finalist and headed to the National Youth Leadership Conference. There, along with the other top ten schools, we presented our campaign and had a booth showcasing our projects.

The homeland security and service-learning classes who work hard to implement projects that encompass the K-12 service-learning standers coordinate project Ignition at Owen Valley High School. All students involved gain useful skills for the future and learn the importance of teen driving safety and are spreading the message.

Visit the Project Ignition website here.