Patricksburg Elementary School
P.O. Box 212 (9883 State Rd. 246)
Patricksburg, Indiana 47455


Classroom Visits and Rules Concerning Background Checks

We want to remind everyone that when visiting the school you need to sign in at the office.  We ask that even if you are just walking your child to class, please sign in and grab a visitor's badge.  If you intend to stay for lunch or recess, help in the classroom, or chaperone a field trip, you must have a current background check on file in the office.  All classroom appointments need to be arranged with the classroom teacher in advance and a current background check will need to be on file in the office.


Attendance is an important part of the education process.  It is extremely important for your child to be in attendance at school when they are healthy. Receiving daily instruction and practice opportunities is an integral part of the education process. Our desire is to have your child perform to the very best of their ability and they will need to be at school regularly in order to do so. 


One of our goals as a school is to be at 97% attendance for the entire student body.   Drawings will also be held at the end of each grading period for those that maintain at least a 97% attendance rate during the grading period.  We hope that you will do your part to make sure that your child attends school regularly.  At the end of the year, those with perfect attendance or at least 97% attendance for the year receive an award on Awards Day.